Thursday, January 20, 2011

Manitoba Education - Web Based Courses

Today I took the time to take a look at some of the web based courses offered by Manitoba Education. I specifically looked closely at the grade 10 Digital Pictures 25S course. This was a course that caught my eye because I have always wanted to take a photography class. I spent a good half hour playing around and previewing the course.

I found some excellent resources and ideas for teaching a course on digital pictures or even for incorporating it into other subject areas.The course is laid out in a simple manner and it is easy to determine the course objectives and lessons. The course also has a blog of a student that has taken the course. Students are able to follow the blog and learn from the mistakes that this student has made while taking the course.

I think using the web based courses as a teaching resource or incorporating part of the web based course into the face-to-face class is a great idea. These web based courses are great tools for student teachers and first year teachers at the high school level. I wonder how many people actually know that this resource is available to them?

If you want to check out the Web Based Courses from Manitoba Education check out the link to preview the courses available   When asked for the login and password just enter "demo" in both text boxes.

I decided to actually request the digital pictures course so that I can take a closer look. My application is currently pending, but I am sure it shouldn't take too long to gain access to the course. If you would like to request a course for your student teaching placement or when you have your own classroom, you can check out the WBC requests link at Perhaps I will have a little more to blog about when I gain access into the course.

Until next time... Keep fit and have fun.

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  1. I will have to check out that course too, sounds good. I hope you find this resource useful when you get your own classroom.