Sunday, March 6, 2011

Internet for Educators Summary

Internet for Educators has been a valuable course that I have enjoyed very much this term. I've learnt many new things and expanded my Personal Learning Network in the process.

The most valuable thing I've taken from our Internet for Educators course is the importance of connecting our students with authentic learning outside the classroom. We are able to do this by using the technology that is available to us. The internet allows us to be in contact with people around the world and using tools such as Skype and blogs we are able to connect with people that may have the answers to our questions. There are millions of people worldwide that are more than happy to share their expertise and we need to tap into this resource.

I have created a Mindmeister Map that summarizes my learning in Internet for Educators. Mindmeister is neat program that allows you to create mind maps in an easy to use format. I will definitely consider using Mindmeister again.

Click on the link below to my mind map and let me know what you think.

Summative Project

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